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Fall Photography: Bancroft Ontario

In the heart of Ontario, nestled safely between dense forest and patchy lakes, is the small town of Bancroft. Located a 3-hour drive north of Toronto, the town was first settled in the 1850’s by Irish immigrants descending from the United Empire. During the years 1950 to 1982, the town was recognized for its rich mining industry – and is now known as the mineral capital of Canada.

In 1999, Bancroft merged with a neighboring township called Dungannon to form the Town of Bancroft.

Bancroft hosts 150,000 visitors annually, both local and global. It has recently become a get-away haven for passionate city-livers who wish to trade the bustling metropolis lifestyle for a more relaxed, nature-filled scene. The Bancroft region provides idyllic atmospheres for those who wish to re-connect with nature while still being able to work and thrive.

A popular area in Bancroft is a recently renovated lookout called ‘Eagle’s Nest’, just a short drive north of the township. The cliff scenes overlook the city from a height of over 60 meters; which provides exquisite views of the York River Valley.

Town Bridge
Town Lake
High Falls Road
High Falls
High Falls Dam
Eagle’s Nest



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