Hands On: iOS 11 Beta 1

It’s finally here… Sort of! Apple held it’s annual WWDC Developers Conference in San Jose, California this morning where a lot of new and exciting techology was introduced. This article is focusing mainly on iOS 11 and the first developer beta released only a few hours ago.

I’ve had the opportunity to install beta 1 on my iPad, and I must say – first impressions look good! Obiously, some fans are disappointed with the update, saying Apple lost it’s creative opportunities to add rumored features such as dark mode & group FaceTime calls.

Looking past that, we can see that iOS 11 truly is something extraordinary. IMG_0003.PNG

This update is hugely focused on the iPad. Introducing the new ‘Dock’ which resembles the one from the all familiar MacOS dock, allowing you to drag and drop the apps you want into one easily accessible place.

One thing that really stands out about iOS 11 is the new notification center, which is fully customizable. It gives off a very Microsoft feel with the tiles and shape aesthetic.


This is only Beta 1, and there will be lots more features to come as we progress towards the worldwide release this fall. However, the key behind today’s WWDC conference was the importance of the App Store. Therefore, Apple completely redesigned it.


The App Store, much like the rest of the operating system follows a transparent, tile like aesthetic – which works incredibly well! The app now features a ‘Today’ section where customers can see what’s new on the App Store each day.

There’s a lot to look forward to! I’ll be posting blog posts on each beta as they’re released so don’t forget to subscribe to my post notifications on my home page! Or visit me on Facebook here!



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