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Blog Post: A New Beginning

I have a big change in my life that is slowly making its way towards me, it’s frightening; yet exciting. In just a few short months I’ll be venturing halfway across the world to start a new life in the bitter cold yet the incredibly friendly country of Canada.

To put things in perspective, the reason I chose to leave my beautiful country of New Zealand (not permanently, of course) is because I simply felt stuck in my life. I’ve been told countless times by workmates who are older and more experienced than me to never get stuck in the born, work, die cycle. My biggest fear in life is to have to use the excuse: ‘Life Happened’. As the wonderful world of FRIENDS puts it, I was stuck in second gear.

Leaving the scars of the past behind me, I am planning on starting anew in this foreign wonderland. Luckily for me, I have a friend situated over there who has kindly offered her hospitality for the majority of my transition. I feel incredibly fortunate for this, as most people who move country do it with no help whatsoever. While this is not a permanent fixture in my life, I believe it can give me a sense of self-discovery, something I haven’t experienced since traveling through Europe a few years ago. That was just a taste of what was to come, and I had to have more; I caught the travel bug.

Two years down the line and I’m stuck in that cycle I swore I wouldn’t get caught in. I found it hard to afford the basic things in life, and although I didn’t know it, I was actually quite miserable. Only now have I realized the truth of actually living – not existing. I have a new adventure waiting for me, which gives me purpose in life! Something to work towards, something that gives me immense pleasure, all the things that life should be about. Not working at a dead-end job, in a city you fear you’ll never leave.

The question remains, what’s next for you?


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